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Dr. Liu Wanquan Curtin University came to our school to carry out academic exchanges (Jan 16, 2015)

In January 14, 2015, Australia Curtin University Department of computing Dr. Liu Wanquan was invited to come to my school exchange visits, and entitled"Mathematics for the College of information and control engineering students,Control and Artificial Intelligence" academic report. During the visit, Dr. Liu Wanquan and the information and control engineering college students and the research direction in pattern recognition, data processing and control of academic seminars and symposia, International Exchange Department of College of information and control engineering, the person in charge met with visiting guests.

In 1993, Dr. Liu Wanquan received a doctor degree in electrical engineering of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, worked in the Department of mathematics of University of Western Australia, School of mathematics and statistics, Curtin University of Technology University of Sydney School of Electrical & Information Engineering, at present is ARC Fellow, a senior member of IEEE and six international journal editors (AE). The main research directions include pattern recognition, image processing, wavelet and the large-scale computer networksystems and machine learning and control. More than 260 academic paperspublished in international academic journals and the main academic conference,cited more than 2500 times.

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