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Information held in College Alumni award grants fund paid activities (Nov25, 2014)

In order to help the family economic difficulties students, at noon on November 19th, the information school in Ding 1-403 classroom held alumni award grantsfund sponsored ceremony. College of information, executive vice president of theLuan Fangjun, Wang Hongming, deputy secretary of Party committee vice president, school teachers and students to participate in the activities sponsored by the.

The ceremony, Secretary Wang introduced the source of the alumni fund to classmates, read out the list of funded, Luan Academy for students awardedgrants. Supported by a student representative speech, expressed his gratitude to the colleges and universities. Luan president spoke, expressed concern and love for the students of the situation, the author sincerely hopes that the classmates.

The alumni scholarship fund control system by our institute class of 89spontaneously formed, the first phase of a total of 17000 yuan to raise funds. Showme Institute alumni of his alma mater, the cultivation of gratitude and the younger brother of sincere care and love.

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