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Information college level 2012 students mobilization activities (Nov 18, 2014)

For early to help students understand Kaoyan situation and related policies, guide the students to participate in the examination in a timely and effective work,recently, especially for the students of grade 2012 School of information to carry out the study section mobilization activities. Institute Vice President Liu Tianbo speaker, 2012 students to participate in activities.

On the meeting, Liu students to analysis of the current employment situation and the graduate enrollment situation, a detailed interpretation of the graduate in employment advantage to the students. Then, according to the national policy to cancel the new free graduate student in our school as an example, to explain thegraduate admissions related preferential policies, the state grants and other related policies, to dispel the students in the graduate tuition concerns. Finally, how to select, Liu teacher how to locate and how to learn to communicate with everyone.

This activity to 2012 students a preliminary understanding of the postgraduate entrance examination situation, grasp the current employment situation, thethinking ahead of their future graduation whereabouts provided effectivelycontribute to the employment of the students in our hospital.

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