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Information College "traces the history, special endeavor talent" school (Nov 14, 2014)

In November 12th, School of information in the C3-403 classroom to carry out"traces the history, the endeavor talent" as the theme of the Party school training and learning activities. Activities by the school retired professor Wang Fengyao speaker, vice secretary of the Party committee, vice president of the Institute Wang Hongming participate in the learning activities, school more than 100 activists to participate in.

In the activity, Professor Wang thought education work from the daily accumulatedrich experience with personal combination, vividly describes the major historical events during the development process, the party, and also warned the studentsenrich the campus life, "stand up speak, sit down and write, on the outside cancontact, talent in comprehensive college the internal energy organization".

The party class rich in students the knowledge of the party at the same time, to the very good guidance function for the planning of the university students life.Students feel after the counseling benefit a lot.

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