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Brief Introduction to the Information & Control Engineering Faculty

The Information & Control Engineering Faculty ( Information College for short) was founded in Dec. 2002 after the merger of former Automatic Control Department and Computer Department.

The Information College offers five undergraduate specialtiesAutomation, Electrical engineering and automation, Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and Information System. We also offer four master courses: Control Theory and Control Engineering, Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment, Computer Application and Pattern Recognition & Intelligent Systems.


The teaching task of the Information College undertakes for are not only five undergraduate specialties and postgraduates of the college, the common courses for the whole university’s postgraduates, undergraduates, adult education and Electro-technology (Circuit, Electron) of State-owned Local-running College, also for the undergraduates’ teaching of the specialties like Electrical Engineering and Computer in the State-owned Local-running College. The course of the Automatic Control Theory is graded as provincial and ministry level excellent course, and the courses of the Electro-technique, Circuit Technology and Discrete Mathematics is rated A level course of the college.
Conditions for Running the College

The Information College boasts various laboratories, such as Intelligent Building Technology & system, Electro-technology, Analog/Digital Electronics, Power Distribution, Electric Machinery and Electric Drives, Vision Cable, Instruments and Detection, Automatic Control Theory & Automatic Control System, Single Chip Microcomputer, Computer Principles and Interface Techniques, Computer Software, Computer Networks, Fundamentals of Communications and Engineering, Information Management & System. In addition, the Information College has such scientific research bases for teaching like China National Engineering Research Center for Human Settlements Shenyang Pilot Test Base, Technology Research Center of Intelligent Building, Computer Center , etc.

Scientific Research

The scientific research of our college mainly focuses on the combination of control theory and information processing technology, intelligent control and management, building integrated automation technology, robot control technology, communications networks and management techniques, the research and application of chaos and fractal, network and information system, graph pictures and data compression, artificial intelligence and natural language understanding, etc. During recent years, our college has undertaken over 60 projects in succession, including national key industry engineering projects like National “ 863” Program, National Natural Science Funds and National Science Committee, as well as provincial or ministry level projects. In the areas such as robot control technology, building automation, the research and application of chaos and fractal, computer processing of engineering drawings, the data of graph and picture compression and computer network & communication, we have abundant comprehensive strength and have achieved significant research results, some of which are able to reach advanced international level. Moreover, they have been successively applied in the projects. We have published more than 300 research papers and 20 academic monographs in the key readings at home and abroad, also won over 20 rewards of national, provincial or ministry level.

International Communication and Cooperation

Our college carries out combination education with University of Luton to follow 2+2 undergraduates’ teaching model, and cultivates PhD students jointly with them. In addition, our college jointly brings up PhD and postgraduates with Institute of Automation , Chinese Academy of Sciences and Northeast University , also postgraduates of computer application with Benedictine University , USA .

Students’ Affairs

In recent years, students’ life in the Information College is colorful. Our employment rate, the pass rates of CET 4, CET6 and computer test and the rate for the postgraduate program entrance examination have ranked the top of the whole university. Especially in the innovation activities, such as in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, we won the national first prize once, the national second prize five times, the first prize in Liaoning eleven times, the second prize in Liaoning seven times, the third prize in Liaoning seven times; in 2005 National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, we won three third prizes and six Successful Participant. Our CAI Courseware also won several prizes in our country. At present, we’re making preparations for our Undergraduates’ (Postgraduates) Practice Base of Scientific Innovation, which will take the innovation to the whole university in an all-round way.

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